is one among the few blogging platforms on the web where you'll quickly check in , post your great content, and obtain paid after a month. You don’t need a distinct segment , you don’t got to do affiliate marketing (although you'll if you would like to) and you don’t need ads to form money with.
When I first joined Medium back in June of 2020, I did so out of the recommendation of a couple of friends as a hobby to pursue while i used to be traveling around Asia. I loved the platform and therefore the concept you'll make a couple of bucks while doing something you enjoy!
I wrote a couple of of articles and drew a few digital portraits as my first posts, made around $50 and didn’t reminisce for a short time as life came the way.
Since the top of September, I’ve been going at Medium sort of a burning bat out of a pest-control facility, and have greatly enjoyed the last two months of writing on here.
But I made a couple of mistakes that could’ve easily been avoided within the beginning, and that’s why I’m scripting this article.


How I Can Make Money on Medium Writing Airtcles?
Many people make a fantastic amount here — upwards of $40,000 USD per month! But those sorts of figures are rare. For you to form tons or a touch , it depends on what proportion effort you set in (as with everything in life).
I’ll start by having you ask yourself a couple of questions first:
Is your goal to form a full-time living?
Is your goal to form some extra coffee money every month?
Are you here just to explore the hobby of writing?
Those above three questions are vital to line your expectations right.
If you would like it to be a full-time living…then you would like to treat it as a full-time job! Or a minimum of part-time, with a minimum of 10 hours every week . the toughest and most rewarding a part of this is often to be consistent over an extended period — expect to realize large success only after 10 to 16 months.

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